Saturday, 18 June 2011


Recently I joined a new writers website which is specifically for teenagers or people who like to write YA. Happily, I fit into both of these categories. However, it wasn't till I joined this website - called inkpop- that I realised how much the beginnings of stories can determine whether I carry on with it or not.

For example, if a story starts with speech, I don't bother reading onwards. Stories should start with a sentence, in my experience at any rate, so anything that contradicts that, I immediately dismiss it. In some cases I do try and read onwards and often, I notice that the line after the speech is exactly where the story should start. Or even, if there are three or four paragraphs that seem to waffle on, I dismiss them. I want the story know - start!

I am not being horrible, I am merely pointing out that readers hold a lot for the beginning of a story, and an author asking for people to 'bear with it' isn't really a realistic approach to getting their books published. You wouldn't ask readers that you don't know to just keep on going with the narrative because 'it gets better as it goes along' would you? You would want the beginning to be spot on and to guide you in.

There is a gem of a story on inkpop though - called Extraordinary. The author certainly is. She has large amounts of talent when it comes to story telling and I am not surprised it is in the top five! Her introduction was good and as soon as I started reading it, I didn't want to stop.

Underdog has been put on hold until exams are done but am on chapter four now so it is moving onwards :)

Hope you are well

Ellen x

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