Friday, 14 January 2011

Time to sort some things out

Well, these past weeks have been quite stressful so am going to, from now on, take a control of my life and stay on top of things instead of letting things take control of me. And that means starting revision. Now.

Oh gosh, its that time again.*sigh* I am not a huge fan of revision but I really need to do it as I have three subjects to learn obscene amounts for in order to gain the grades I need.

I will try to write when I can - thinking of entering into a competition but still am not sure if I should go for it, but two people have said from the VWC to, so I might give it a go - and ever since writing that short story, I've been asked an interesting question:

'Do you think you can transcribe some of your methods to your more usual writing or was this a one-off piece?'

Honestly, the answer to that question still evades me. I think this particular short story was a stand alone...but, I think I could try and get under the characters skin a little more. At the moment I still hold myself at a distance from my characters - I think if I get too close, the characters might inevitably change into me, which I hope won't happen, cos quite frankly I am not brilliant writing material :-P

But yet...I do need to get more emotionally involved in the story. Or at least make the characters more emotionally readable if that makes any sense what so ever. But I think the short story was useful in that I didn't overwrite as much as I usually do. I've learnt how to cut to the emotion now, and I think I can do some changes. Like not using adverbs. (I dont use 'em that much but still - they are not friends)

Take care me dears


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