Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It was nice seeing pretty much everyone today - sans two people. Am not sure how I would have coped with ICT by myself. Probably not very well. But I did get some corrections done which was productive. And everyone doing a communal panic attack was also in a way reassuring and worrying.

Turns out I can't go the to the VWC tonight even though I was looking forward to it (turns out mum is too tired and has had a rough day at work - which is fair enough a reason for her not to want to take me) but shall deffo go next week (half term then! :-D)

Had a good morning too - except for the stupid buses. Saw a good friend of mine this morning and thoroughly enjoyed his leather sofa :-) (it's one of those sofas that allow you to put your feet up) and had a good time there...

Writing is going well....Burgess Hill is now being reserved for weekends and Underdog is written during the week. Had some really good comments from my fellow Blast members which was really encouraging for Underdog. Ever since joining the VWC I've noticed that my writing  - although slowly- has improved. I think its useful because you get to watch and listen to people who are more experienced and knowledgeable then you are and therefore you learn a lot more than if you were to do it by yourself. Also the sheer range of styles and stories that are read out is fantastic - you really get a tase of all genres. Its inspiring and brilliant.

Hope everyone's well

Ellen x

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