Sunday, 6 March 2011


Seem to have not done a new post for quite some time - my apologies. Things are piling up at the moment and its hard trying to juggle everything. But I will get through it...somehow. Anyway, shall hopefully be able to do some more work today and then...even more work later on. *sigh*

Last night was good - went to a friends party. The weird thing is, is that I have a party to go to every weekend of this month. March is obviously the time to be born.

Told my friend H something that needed saying. You really are an inspiration honey, and it sometimes it just takes someone else to see that and tell you that to know how strong you really are. So proud of you. Keep on fighting me love, we are with you every step of the way :)

Burgess Hill is on part two. Still havent written anything for it yet - not too sure why I am hesitating so much about it. Probably because there is a lot resting on this part of the story and its going to be a difficult section to write. Underdog on the other hand is going fairly well and people seem to like it which is good. Gotta keep writing though. Must always keep writing :)

Ellen x

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  1. Keep writing and getting better. Don't overdo the parties, but have some fun. Enjoy life. It won't always be fun.