Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mary Sue...

Recently, a good friend of mine posted an article up on the website Fantasy Faction. You can find the article here:

It got me thinking as to what my Mary Sue story was. Originally I thought it was Blood Moon, but it couldn't have been - Izzy was nothing like me and neither were any of the other characters.

My Mary Sue story was the one prior to Blood Moon. One I don't often talk about, mainly because it was a starter piece and not a particularly good starter piece at that. Not really a 'serious' story or at least something I took seriously. And it showed. I was about fourteen or thirteen when I first wrote it, so I am not surprised that it wasn't brilliant.

My main character was called Michelle (which happens to be my middle name) and she had brown hair with streaks of red (I had recently dyed my hair a reddish colour and hadnt done it properly), she also had green eyes (yeah I have green eyes) and..she had a black and white cat called Draco.

Yep, you guessed it. I had a cat called Draco who was also black and white.

The boy in it was called Hunter. He was the 'nice guy' that every teenage girl dreams of having at one point. Sigh...

Mary Sue was pratically screaming itself out by that stage. I don't regret writing Night's Secrets (as it was called) because I learnt a lot about writing in that period. I prefer writing in first, than in third (well I mainly found that out with Blood Moon) and I cannot plan a story. I have to let it take me where it needs to go. I hate knowing what happens. It sorta ruins it for me. Nowadays I tend to have a bare outline as to what will happen, but nothing is set in stone.

Underdog is going well. Read the first bit out to the writers circle last night and they seemed to like it, so I was quite pleased. Just hope the rest is good enough....*gulps*

Burgess Hill is moving slowly. I will write some more of it tonight. I have found a way to make it work (thanks to the suggestions given on bbc bitesize, you guys are wonderful :) )

Hope you're all well m'dears.

Ellen x

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