Monday, 18 April 2011

Science Fiction in YA

I was reading one of my friends blogs (which incidentally you can find here: ) and in this, he talks about science fiction not being a genre that is ever discussed

It then lead me to think what YA novels I have read that are science fiction. The only one I could think of was the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Even then I would put it more under the fantasy genre. I racked my brains for a few more minutes and couldn't think of anything else. I even went upstairs to look at my bookcase to see if there was anything, but all the science fiction I have is written for adults, not for the YA market.

Where is the science fiction in YA? What happened to it? All I can think of in YA at the moment IS fantasy - with the whole dark romance section where Twilight and the House of Night novels are found (neither of which I particularly like), or where all the spy stuff is (Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series comes to mind) or chick lit like Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging (another series which I despise). I sincerely hope this is nothing more than a trend. Science fiction is a brilliant genre, one in which you can explore and make your own aliens or whatever to suit you.

There's a dip in the market right there. I am not sure WHY it isn't popular considering how well adult science fiction is but I guess people do not think we would be interested in that sort of stuff? But yet look how well The Hunger Games are doing so obviously it is something we do want to read.


Ellen x


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  3. There-you-go, Ellen, you've found your niche. Get writing* our gal. Oscar x

    * (Now where HAVE I heard that term before?>>> )