Sunday, 21 November 2010

The good news...and then the bad

Starting with the bad I dad's cat called Mumu died of a stroke today - it was quite sudden. I saw her just last week and she seemed her normal self. I hope you rest in peace, angel, I won't forget you.

My writing seems to be back on track, and although am not in the writing/working mood at the moment, I think things are going pretty good. Well hopefully they are - although I have just written a poem which is a bit rubbish but am asking for crit to see if i can improve it! Burgess Hill is going fine and things are starting to pick up pace a bit we shall see what happens!

It's going to be weird going to dad's next sunday - Mumu's death hasn't quite kicked in yet, at the moment I feel kinda...nothing. I guess this is shock though, the first stage of grief and all. Don't think I'm heartless I know she's gone but I just don't want to believe it. But I am going to deal with this, one way or another. I'm missing her already. She was a beautiful cat.

R.I.P my darling


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