Thursday, 11 November 2010

Thursday the Eleventh

Exciting news! I have had two offers from Portsmouth and Lincoln for the university course I want to do (Web Computing) and it hasn't even been a week since we sent out the application! So am very pleased, but am waiting anxiously to hear from the others :/

I have decided that I really need to sort my head out - I get obsessed over the most stupidest of things, or even benign of things (if you're the person who said this to me you know who you are!) It's just I have an intense fear of illnesses and anything thats not even anything to worry about, I go absoloutely mental! Haha. But am deciding not to worry about this sorta crap anymore because you only get one life and its for living! So I do apologise for being an irritating stupid head today - I promise to not do so in the future!

In media today I was so wrapped up in work that I forgot about the two min silence and i asked my friend something and she just gave me a look as if to say 'erm...we're not meant to talk now'. I felt like a complete and utter fool. English was annoying - not much change from usual. The devil woman has given us LOADS of homework - she seems to forget we have other subjects as well...

Rain was awful today - I had to dry my cardigan under the blow dryer at school because the coat hadn't been able to deal with all the rain. Urgh.

I also have an idea for a short story, which was based upon something someone said in the writers circle last night so should be erm interesting to say the least. I just hope I can do it right! May write it tonight but I need to get more of Burgess Hill done

Ta me dears

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