Monday, 29 November 2010

Alrighty then..

Today has been pretty good, and it was weird going to dad's yesterday as one of my dad's other cats called Amy was more loving than per usual which is a sign that she is really missing Mumu. Seems we might be getting a kitten to comfort Amy but am not sure when that will happen if it will happen at all.

Writing is going well, although finding time to actually do it is a little hard! School work is piling itself on but I shall get through it. I always somehow through some miracle do. My teacher from Eng Lit said it was 'powerful' and she seemed to like it so am pretty pleased :) (I had to show her an extract of Burgess Hill for homework btw - it wasnt very clear before)

English Lit was interesting today - found out some stuff that I didn't know through some good ol' fashioned girly gossip. Although a cat fight seems to be developing (no pun intended) so we shall see what happens. Hopefully all will be peaceful or at least not catastrophic.

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