Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday 9th Nov

Am in a much better mood today. Life gives you some terrible times but it makes up for it eventually! Today was good as all my friends were in a generally good mood and of course that feeling is always infectious. My cats are currently killing each other and the normal status of life is returning. I am taking the night off for homework - will do some tomorrow morning: I love having Wed's mornings off! It is my best friends eighteenth tomorrow and I have just wrapped up her present, so I hope she likes it! Its actually kind of scary to think that she is going to be eighteen; it's hard to imagine that she's seventeen!

Need to start writing at some point this evening as I didn't really write much yesterday. And I am also testing out some new ways to interpret certain supernatural creatures. And no, before you ask the vampires here are NOT sparkly :-P

Take care me lovelies!

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  1. sparkly vampires are not vampires they're just fairies with a lusting for blood :P xXx