Thursday, 23 December 2010

Now how the heck did I do that..

I just somehow managed to follow my OWN blog. How on earth I did that I really have no clue - but now it makes me look that I am so in love with myself that I must follow every word I say...despite the fact I already own this blog...this is just too odd

Not much has happened, except that christmas seems to be going from one worse event to another. Its in time like these that I wish I was younger and in love with all the little christmas things, like putting up the tree, that used to be such a joy and now it is nothing more than a chore...

Writing is going well, I suppose, I am now in a much better mood. And I find that my stress levels and my inability to write are often tied together. Am currently watching narnia - and its such a lovely film. I really want to see the new one again, as I enjoyed it so much. Made me really feel like a kid!

Have a good christmas everyone!


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