Friday, 31 December 2010

So here it is...the end of a year and a beginning of a new one.

So summary of this year so far:

Jan - June: From what I remember in these months, they were fine. None of them awful - which is good. I also got a helluva lot of writing down and finished my first story ever in this year. That's something I won't forget. Admittedly it wasn't brilliant, but, it was special because it helped me to develop not only as a writer but in a way also as a person. I began to think about things people react when people do certain things. I also in these months ventured forth into a writers circle. Which, admittedly was a little bit daunting at first, but the people I have met there are truly inspiring and show me that although it will take time, I hopefully will one day become as good a writer as they are. If any of you are reading this its been a real privilege to get to know all of you!

July - December: Got my AS results, I was pretty happy with them. Also got all my offers for the universities I applied to - although it was very stressful to do so. A new story had been started Burgess Hill and I have managed to get to my 20k mark, which is pretty good, as this story has required a lot more thought. Had some highs and lows in confidence with my writing but I will continue on. If the words flow, they flow, but if not, its ok, take a break and try again. I am trying to be more forgiving to myself in this respect but...if I don't push myself I worry I won't get anywhere. It has been an interesting year, and one that has sparked up some revelations...

For 2011 - what do I want to aim for?
  • To keep on writing and aiming to become a better writer
  • To work hard at school
  • (I wont hear any complaints on this one) To lose weight but in a healthy manner :)
I wish everyone a successful and happy new year

Take care my darlings


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