Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Shopping, writing and chocolate - I must be in heaven!

Firstly, I must apologise for my bad mood in my last post - I was feeling really worn out, and I am grateful to the people who commented to offer me their support and to encourage me to keep on going (well to keep on writing which to me is one and the same thing) Thanks - it really means a lot :-)

Today was good - finished off my xmas shopping, which was beginning to worry me since it is so close to christmas. Strangely, I haven't been as excited about it as I was last year - it took my mum something like two weeks of nagging before we all bothered to put the christmas tree up! I tried costa's creme brulee latte - and it is the best hot drink I have ever had. No jokes. I shall have to make the most of it while it is still around! I also had a chocolate tiffin which jointly served as breakfast and lunch. What can I say? I'm a teenager who has cravings and for that there is no cure (apparently there is a thing called self-control, I've looked for it but apparently I don't have any :-P)

I have started to write more of Burgess Hill - although the bit that I did write wasn't really necessary to the plot, but it got me back into the frame of things. Am aiming to do more writing tonight for Burgess and tomorrow I will look over the short story I wrote at the weekend.

I told my mum what I had called my story and what it was about and she pulled a face and said, 'But Burgess Hill is such a lovely name, why would you use that as a title for a gothic psychological thriller?'. The only thing I could think of to say was 'in all fairness I just saw the name at a train station, and I thought it fit. There wasn't really any thought behind it...' *lightbulb flash* 'no, ignore what I have just said, its IRONY'

In times of desperate need always rely on irony.

Peace out

Ellen x

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